Elevate your video, 

raise your game!

Are you tired of recording the back of the umpire?  Are you sick of not being able to see the entire field?  Other mounts allow you to place on the fence only as high as you can reach.  But our line of Backstop Camera Mounts are designed to get you higher on the fence, for a great birds-eye view of the WHOLE FIELD

Elevate your video with our
BCM-1, BCM-C, and BCM-S.  And don’t forget to protect your device from the hot sun with our BCM+ shade!

Still shot of what other mounts offer.  They are completely limited to how high you can reach.  You can’t even see the batter, let alone the pitch or swing!

Here is what you get with one of our Backstop Camera Mounts!  A birds-eye view of the entire field!  Pitcher, batter, base runners – all crystal clear with a mount that gets you ABOVE the action!