Backstop Camera Mount

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Elevate your video, raise your game!

The patented BCM-1 makes it easy and fun to film yourself (or anyone else) playing softball or baseball!

  • *NEW* – now we include the Go Pro adapter ($6.99 value) FOR FREE!!  We are also putting in a FREE bungee cord to help keep the mount secure!
  • Adjustable camera bracket eliminates guesswork and the telescoping pole allows you to get all kinds of different angles, without having to bring a ladder
  • The mount works from outside the fence, so your camera will be protected from a direct hit off the bat.
  • The low profile is so unobtrusive many players don’t even know it’s there!



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The Backstop Camera Mount makes it easy and fun to film yourself (or anyone else) playing baseball or softball! Adjustable camera bracket eliminates guesswork and the telescoping pole allows you to get all kinds of different angles, without having to bring a ladder! The mount works from outside the fence, so your camera will be protected from a direct hit off the bat. The low profile is so unobtrusive many players and fans don’t even know it’s there!


How do I know what I’m recording?

One, just use your WiFi app if your camera has that feature, or open the lcd viewfinder.  Two, mount the pole at a lower hight, so you can adjust the camera position to point directly through the fence.  Three, hang the BCM-1 at the desired height, and double check your WiFi app to verify the desired picture.

Will it work with any camera?

The BCM-1 will work with almost any camera with a standard 1/4″ x 20 screw thread (NOTE: The GoPro requires a special adapter available on this website under Accessories). It will also work with your smartphone (again with an adapter found under Accessories).

See the official FAQ page for more answers, or contact us to discuss your specific questions.

The four-piece custom-made pole telescopes from 28″ to 6′-5″. Made from rugged aluminum bars bent into a clamping hook that “wedges”, not just hangs, onto the fence rail to give a secure attachment. “Soft-touch”, rubberized knobs are easy on the hands.

USPS Priority Mail shipping anywhere in USA just $11.50. Allow two to three days. (International shipping rates vary, please contact us for best rate and int’l discounts)

PLEASE NOTE: We guarantee to get your shipment out no later than the day after the order is placed, and in many instances we can get it out the same day. Please consider this when placing your order.

Additional information

Weight 2.1 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 4 × 4 in

12 reviews for Backstop Camera Mount

  1. Long time coach

    I’ve coached youth baseball for a long time and have found this camera mount to be extremely useful. After watching game video, my players can see how they’re dropping their hands or stepping in the bucket. Same for pitching and other infield positions. I can see things I miss during the game, edit the video. To sum it up, this helps me teach my kids the nuances of the game.

    It’s easy to set up and unobtrusive. Well worth the $60 bucks with the go pro adapter.

  2. Glenn P.

    I purchased the Backstop Camera Mount a little more than a week ago, and have used it at 5 of my sons games. So far, I really like it!

    – I can use my smartphone (with adapter) or my MUVI K2 on it easily. The website says that it can handle a GoPro as well (again with an adapter).
    – I really like the fact that I can extend the pole, and hang it high up on the fence! I had been using a competitor mount earlier in the summer, but was discouraged by the fact that it could only go as high as I could reach. Most of my videos (from directly behind the plate, or even off to the side a bit) were blocked by the umpire or batter for seeing the ball cross the plate. With this mount, I’m able to put my camera quite high above the field for a more birds-eye view of home plate.
    – Very compact and easy to store in a bat bag. The other mount I had been using was big, bulky, and just awkward to store.

    – Seems like a relatively new product (this is the second review)?
    – I had to purchase an adapter for my phone to work on the mount, but I guess that may be unavoidable with the design

    Overall, it’s been a great product. If I can come up with any more cons after using it some more, I’ll edit my review.

  3. Pete W.

    Very useful for observing batting and pitching characteristics that allow coaches to instruct players. Particularly impressive with the ability to “look over” batters, using the telescopic handle. Also, a great way to record games for historical purposes.

  4. Craig O.

    Just purchased one of the poles and had a chance to use it at my sons game. We got home and looked at the video of the game and my son freaked out. He could not believe the overall look of the game. He has never watched himself bat or field before. I was able to show him tips on fielding and how the other team reacted to his hits. This is one of my new favorite training tools for my son.

  5. David S.

    This camera mount is really great. I have two kids and they both play baseball. They really enjoyed the fact that they can re-watch themselves pitching and batting. I think it’s a great product for recreationally watching old games as well as helping kids who are looking to be more competitive in baseball to make adjustments with their swing or pitching. It made for a great birthday video gift to the grandparents.

  6. Stan Matthews (verified owner)

    This is a great product with excellent customer service, I wanted top record my Daughter’s at bats during a Tournament weekend that I was going to miss a few of her games. I researched and fond this Website and really liked the idea & Design. Ordered the unit and then realized that it would not be delivered on time,I contacted the company they changed the shipping to overnight. The next day the mount arrived, Great quality, easy to use and was able to capture her at bats on our GOPO with out any issues. GREAT Product & CUSTOMER SERVICE

  7. Robin

    The Backstop Camera amount was super easy to set up and use. I had no trouble at all the first time I used it and it is very durable. Highly recommend!

  8. John Godsil

    I purchased the Ultimate K2 Sport Camera bundle earlier this year and I could not be happier with the acquisition. The mount itself is extraordinarily easy to use and the Muvi camera that was included in the bundle takes fantastic video clips. Additionally, transferring the film to an iPad/computer is a snap, as is editing the film for future use with the players/enjoyment. Perhaps the greatest benefit of the product is that I am once again able to simply sit back and enjoy my son’s games. No longer do I need to be concerned with trying to capture particular plays/at-bats using my phone; or feeling disappointed when I am unable to do so effectively. Instead I merely set up the mount/camera a few minutes before game time, hit record, and forget about it until the conclusion of the event. The coaches at my son’s league have universally raved about the end product – clips from the games that can be and have been used in a whole host of ways with the kids. By way of example, we were able to detect, address and rectify some small issues with a handful of batters on our team, leading to improved performance on the field. Those issues would have certainly been overlooked in the absence of the camera mount. And to top it all off, the customer service at BCM is off the chain! Chip has gone above and beyond on more than one occasion. I stumbled across this product on the internet and am thrilled that I did. Highly recommended.

  9. Avery Ware

    The backstop camera mount is an exceptional tool for obtaining game footage. Being a high school baseball coach it’s so vital to have tools that help players see what they are doing on field. Having used many different mounts/tripods the backstop camera mount was the first solution that gave me consistent stability with an unobstructed view when attaching the camera on the fence. Chip, the inventor, has been extremely helpful in answering any of my questions about the product and he also sent a modified attachment that helped me use a non go pro camera. I use a Sony action cam, iPhone and a camcorder (the camcorder is limited to my 1st base line angle as of now). The mount holds the camera to the fence well and foul balls do not knock it down or twist it to where the alignment of the shot gets disturbed. The backstop mount also became a handy makeshift monopod at times when we wanted to shoot still pics of players with a DSLR. This is a perfect solution for parents/coaches wanting to film games without needing to handhold their iPhone, go pro, or even camcorder. It made my set up easier and dependable. Once I got the shot lined up there was nothing left to do between innings other than hit the record button.

  10. Todd Photopulos

    I started using this mount this spring for my son’s 13U team so grandparents, relatives and fans could stream the games through the GC Team Manager app. After streaming 10 games so far this season, I can say that this set up is fantastic. Every game I have someone comes by to take pictures of our setup. I like it because it is sturdy and simple to use. Getting up high above home plate gives a great vantage point. I’m sure there are more technical ways of streaming your games, but our setup with the BCM cellphone mount is easy. Use the GC Team Manager app to stream. Use a cellphone with the BCM for Smartphones. We use the Saramonic Blink500 Pro wireless mics so we can commentate on the action. Attach the phone to the BCM, and set it up about 10 feet in the air behind home plate. Very easy set up, and lots of fun as we interview kids and fans in the crowd to give shout outs to those watching at home. our viewership for family and friends across the country has grown to over 100 for our games. It takes literally 2 minutes to get this all set up to start streaming your games. And the coaches then have film to review afterwards. Being able to get the camera up high is a must if you want a good angle of the field. I was also impressed by BCM’s customer service, who responded to all my questions on getting this set up. I am 100% satisfied with this product and would highly recommend to your team. It’s sturdy, well designed by baseball parents, and easy to get the perfect shot. If you want to see this in action, just look for our team in action. Batters Box Elite 13u spring 2021.

  11. Paula (verified owner)

    LOVE THIS! We’re able to get up high enough to have a great view on the camera. You do need to attach a cord or something to keep it more secure for when the backstop gets hit.

  12. Daniel Ridgway (verified owner)

    Works great – easy to set up and adjust to get a good shot, even on backstops that are uneven. I’m always getting questions about it from others using different mounts for their cameras. Customer support is top notch with quick responses to any questions or issues – they really stand behind this product.

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